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About Us
Who are we
Rob Bettle & Sam Clarkson at The Olivier Awards 2023.jpg

Rob and Sam

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Who we are

Rob Bettle


Sam Clarkson

We are sound designers and engineers, each having accumulated over 20 years of International touring and West End experience.

We love our jobs and we love our unique industry.

What we do


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What we do


We are redefining the way we create shows by making each step a more

sociable, collaborative experience.

Acknowledging the importance and power of good, timely planning and communication across all departments and embracing these "quiet" moments, helps us to deliver your show in an enjoyable and efficient manner for all involved.


Combining these ingredients with the best team of professionals that we know, allows us to deliver the perfect design, system, installation and sound for our audiences.


How can we help you?
Sound Quiet Time at Autograph Sound London
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How can we help you?

We will tailor, to your brief, a unique, cost effective support package to suit your project's sound requirements.

From day one of our journey

together we will alleviate the

pressures of your project through

our ability to adapt and evolve,

whilst maintaining a friendly

working environment at all times.


If you think this may be of

value to you,please do get in touch

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